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Hole Plate Presses


We build our Hole Plate Presses for many years with top-quality steel plates, which have proven to be versatile and compact. Accoding to our customers' needs it can be equipped with pneumatic, electro-hydraulic or  hand-hydraulic chucks. The matrix system in combination with our special quick locks makes it easy to change measurements quickly and securely. The chucks are also available rotatable for efficient glueing of special shapes.


Product information

Standard width
120 mm
Standard thickness of plate
10 mm
Quick lock for all accessories
Holding down device with new quick lock system


A-4320 Perg | Naarner Straße 42
Phone: +43 7262 523 35
Fax: +43 7262 530 35


Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Clamp size 3.000 x 2.000 mm
  • Hand-hydraulic chucks
  • Holding down devices
  • Corpus supports
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Working height 500 mm
  • Clamp size 3.100 x 1.500 mm
  • Hand-hydraulic chucks
  • Holding down devices
Hole Plate Press, inclined model
  • Special design for counter frameworks
  • Clamp size per work station 2.000 x 1.100 mm
  • Pneumatik version with two-hand safety control
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Clamp size 4.000 x 2.000 mm
  • Hand-hydraulic chucks
  • Holding down device
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Electro-hydraulic hole plate press
  • Heavy version
  • Plate thickness 12 mm
  • Frame width 200 mm
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Rotatable hand-hydraulic chucks
  • Perfect for gluing of special shapes
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Model with pneumatic and hand-hydraulic chucks
  • with movable brackets as steady or rotatable version for a maximum of flexibility
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Eelectro-hydraulic model with individual control of chucks 
  • with movabel supporting rail for perfect working height 
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Clamp size 3.000 x 2.000 mm
  • All models can be equipped with holding down device
Hole Plate Press Horizontal
  • Model with two workstations
  • Pneumatic chucks
Hole Plate Press Horizontal
  • Special version with swivelling side railings 
  • with pull-out extensions
  • with addiditonal movable brackets 
Hole Plate Press Rotatable
  • Rotatable version 
  • with pneumatic chucks and movable bracket
  • The plate can be swivelled easily through an electro-hydraulic system
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Special version with continuous pneumatic tubes for even distribution of pressure
  • with three work stations
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • Clamp size 5.000 x 2.000 mm
  • with slideable holding down decives with pneumatic chucks 
  • with movable brackets
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • our classic model
  • clamp size 2.000 x 1.000 mm
  • with hand-hydraulic chucks
Hole Plate Press Vertical
  • clamp size 3.500 x 2.000 mm
  • with pneumatic and hand-hydraulic chucks 
  • with sprecial system for glueing of roundings with a tube 
Hole Plate Press Vertical


Hydraulic chuck with 2 retaining bolts
  • shell made from premium quality cast iron
  • forged handle
  • press capacity finely adjustable from 0 - 3.000 daN (kp) 
  • quick release system free of play 
Hydraulic chuck with 1 retaining bolt
  • rotatable 
  • can be fixed infinitely in any position 
Bracket with 2 retaining bolts
  • with a quick release system free of play
Rotatable bracket with 1 retaining bolt
  • with a quick release system free of play
  • with fine adjustment
Movable supporting rail
  • for an adjustable working height
  • different lengths available according to clients' requests
Screw clamp for hole plate press
  • for contact pressure from the front
Holding down device with quick release system
  • for uniform distribution of pressure over the entire clamping
  • automatically adjusts to the thickness of the workpiece
  • for easy accessibility the device can be swung to the front
Holding down device with spindle clamping
  •  as upgrade for existing hole plate presses


Pneumatic chuck for hole plate press
  • adjustment on the side possible